Goldengate International College

A group of distinguished academics with local, national, and worldwide expertise founded GoldenGate International College in 2007. The college has become one of Nepal’s top educational institutions in terms of educational excellence over the past thirteen years as it has evolved from strength to strength. Every year, the institution has been adding new programs and courses. The institution now provides 16 Bachelor degrees and 7 Master programs via Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

South Asian Institute Of Management

An autonomous college known as South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM College) was founded in Kathmandu in 2005 AD and is now led by Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani (Former Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs). In order to enable management development, research, and consultancy for the right growth and development of managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in South Asia, SAIM College was established with this objective in mind. Naturally, this is because South Asia is rapidly becoming as the most vibrant Asian regional economic hub for international commerce, investment, and technological innovation.